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Serving the Adelaide, Salisbury, Elizabeth, and Morphett Vale Areas, Rest Easy with BUY SAFE Building Inspections

Buying a property can be a difficult process. You want to make sure that the building is the right size, whether you're buying a home or relocating a business. You're investing large amounts of money, and that doesn't include the stressful task of moving. That's why having a building or home inspected before making a purchase is of the utmost importance. You want to verify that the property you're buying is in good shape; that minimal work will have to be done, and that you're not moving only to find out that you will spend large amounts of money on structural issues that the seller didn't tell you about. BUY SAFE Building Inspections can help with building inspections in Adelaide, Salisbury, Elizabeth, and Morphett Vale.

About Us

BUY SAFE Building Inspections is based out of Adelaide but offers building inspections in Morphett Vale, Salisbury, and Elizabeth. Our founder Peter Middeldorp began work as a carpenter 30 years ago, and eventually moved on to become a qualified building supervisor. His vast experience has given him the knowledge to conduct professional building inspections. He has seen the suffering experienced by people who have gone through the process of buying a home, only to find out afterwards that there are unforeseen costly problems. BUY SAFE Building Inspections is here to prevent these additional costs and to inform the buyer about the condition of the property that they are purchasing.

Great Advice for Variety of Locations, Building Inspections for Salisbury, Adelaide, Elizabeth, and Morphett Vale

Peter conducts inspections and offers advice personally, so you can rest assure that you're receiving help from a professional with all the necessary experience. He will use his knowledge of the natural environment and state building codes to back up his advice and ensure that you're receiving reliable information. At the end of the building inspections, he will offer you verbal advice and show you any flaws or structural problems firsthand so you can make an informed decision based on the information you receive. You will receive a comprehensive, photographic computer report that will ensure that you know exactly what you're buying. Any questions you may have, Peter will be happy to answer and he can give cost and repair estimates if problems have been found.

We understand the importance of having full knowledge of the property you are buying. Although surprises might be fun in your life, that's not the case when buying a home. You want to know exactly what you are buying and exactly what kind of additional costs you may incur after buying the property. Offering building inspections throughout the Adelaide area and extending into Elizabeth, Salisbury and Morphett Vale, BUY SAFE Building Inspections is dedicated to providing the services you deserve.

BUY SAFE Building Inspections complies with the Australian Standards AS 4349 for property inspections of residential buildings. Peter is a member of the Masters Builders Association, and his builder?s license number is GL 36318. Six days a week, we offer a 48-hour response time. Call today on 08 8388 7462 0411 668 120.

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