New home inspection
  • Comprehensive photographic written report
  • We check for movement
  • We check your drainage
  • We give advice to maintain your house

Buying a New Home? Don't Risk Additional Surprise Expenses. BUY SAFE Building Inspections Is Here to Help Throughout the Adelaide, Salisbury and Elizabeth Areas!

Buying a new home is a huge life event. There are many decisions involved, such as which city you want to live in, what schools and businesses are nearby and what kind of neighbours you'll have. Then there's the home itself.

You need the necessary space and number of bedrooms. If you work from home, you'll need space for an office. If you already have kids or plan on having them soon, you probably need a nursery. Then finally, you've found it, the perfect home. You empty out your savings to pay for it. It's all worth it until you find out that there's some deeply problematic structural damage that wasn't included in the deal. Suddenly, more money is needed to make the repairs. BUY SAFE Building Inspections is worth hiring to ensure that this doesn't happen to you. Make the smart choice with building inspections in the Adelaide, Salisbury, and Elizabeth areas.

Thirty Years of Experience to Ensure That You Get What Your Money's Worth.

Founded by Peter Middeldorp, BUY SAFE Building Inspections provides Adelaide building inspections as well as those in Salisbury and Elizabeth. Peter has more than 30 years of experience as a carpenter, building supervisor and building inspector. He understands the ins and outs of building construction, so he has an eye for spotting structural damage that might cause you to incur unexpected expenses later on. Being an Adelaide local, Peter has an understanding of the natural environment in the area and performs all building inspections personally. He offers verbal advice and a full report on the property and meets with you personally to point out any problems that may exist before you buy. You deserve to know everything about the property you're buying and BUY SAFE Building Inspections is here to ensure that your dream home doesn't come with any unwelcome surprises.

A Variety of Services, Conducting Thorough Salisbury, Adelaide, and Elizabeth Building Inspections

BUY SAFE Building Inspections includes a variety of services in each inspection. We check for movement and drainage. We check for the soundness of windows and doors, internal and external walls and floors, electrical and plumbing services. We check for cracks, defects, leaks, moisture, and asbestos. With our extensive experience, we also offer advice on home maintenance to ensure that you?re equipped with the knowledge to maintain and care for your home in the best way possible.

A comprehensive, computer-generated photographic report comes with our Adelaide, Elizabeth, and Salisbury building inspections and direct advice from Peter can come face-to-face or from over the phone.

Wherever you're located, BUY SAFE Building Inspections will provide top-notch service. Six days a week, we offer services with a 48-hour response time. Don't buy a home without knowing exactly what you're buying. This is a major step in your life, ensure that it's as stress free and surprise free as possible so that your move can be positive experience.

Peter's builders licence is # GL 36318, and he is a member of the MBA (Master Builders Association). Call today on 08 8388 7462 0411 668 120.

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