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For the Best Qualified Building Inspectors in Adelaide, including Salisbury and Elizabeth, You Can Trust BUY SAFE

Whether you are in the market to buy a home, or you are overseeing the construction of a new building, two things should be at the forefront of your mind: safety and quality. You want to invest in a building that's sturdy and as free from defects as possible. From the quality of the electrical wiring to the condition of the exterior walls, getting an overall sense of the shape of the building is important. Not only does it allow you to make repairs immediately if necessary, but it also provides forewarning of things that might need correction later. If you are constructing a building, being alerted to issues early can save you tonnes of money versus sinking cash into costly repairs later. No matter where you are located, whether you are living out in Salisbury or Elizabeth, there's one company that provides superior building inspectors the Adelaide area can trust: BUY SAFE Building Inspections. With 30 years of experience and expertise in many building-related areas, BUY SAFE is the safe bet that will save you time, money and energy!

Years of experience set BUY SAFE apart from other building inspectors Adelaide can find

All our inspections are conducted personally by our founder, Peter Middeldorp. Peter is dedicated to providing home buyers and builders with the most honest and trustworthy advice about their properties. His years of experience, having started his career as a carpenter, set him apart from other building inspectors Salisbury can hire. After booking with us, Peter will arrive on-site to conduct an extremely thorough inspection. He will be available to meet with you at the inspection's conclusion to point out any significant issues uncovered. After that, you will receive a computer generated report covering all 500 points of the inspection. It's easy to read and includes images of all problem areas to make addressing the issues a snap. This is very handy during construction, as it will allow you to target areas in need of repair.

Don't skip an inspection and get stuck buying a "lemon"

Foregoing the hiring of building inspectors isn't a good idea. There are a variety of likely problems that the untrained eye might not notice. Some issues aren't even readily visible, such as wood rot that might only be visible inside of a cramped crawlspace. Buying or building without inspectors can leave major issues unnoticed until it is too late. When you leave these problems to fester, you will eventually end up shocked by huge repair bills! Don't let unforeseen issues create headaches that you can avoid. Bringing BUY SAFE Building Inspections on-site to look at your building only takes a day, and the information we will equip you with can prove invaluable.

We give you the honest truth after a thorough and painstaking look at the property. That's why we believe we are the building inspectors Elizabeth can trust. To set up an appointment and get the ball rolling, give us a call today on 08 8388 7462, or visit our contact page to send us an enquiry. We have a fast response time of 48 hours, so we won't keep you waiting!

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