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BUY SAFE Offers the Most Comprehensive Pre Purchase House Inspections in Plympton, DavEron Park, and Happy Valley

Would you buy a used car sight unseen, without ever getting a chance to find out how it runs and what condition it's in? Not likely! So why would you ever consider doing the same thing with a house? When it comes to buying a home, looks can be deceiving. A home that looks clean and well put together could be hiding significant problems behind the walls, in the foundation and in other areas. Don't just take the seller's word for it when they say the home is in good condition. Instead, your best bet is to find someone to complete a pre purchase house inspection. Plympton home buyers deserve to know what they're considering buying! The best option for the area, including surrounding Adelaide suburbs such as Daveron Park and Happy Valley, lies with BUY SAFE Building Inspections. With extensive experience and a passion for producing high-quality reports, BUY SAFE provides the inspection service that you can always trust. Give yourself peace of mind and avoid costly repairs further down the road by checking things out thoroughly beforehand.

The pre-purchase house inspection Daveron Park home buyers can trust

When enlisting BUY SAFE for your pre-purchase house inspection, Daveron Park home buyers get the benefit of in-depth experience. BUY SAFE Building Inspections was founded by Peter Middeldorp in 1990, and today Peter still conducts every inspection himself. Having started as a carpenter, Peter has a wide range of experience in home building and knows exactly what to look for during a site visit. Here's how your house inspection will happen.

After setting up your appointment, Peter will arrive on the site and commence his inspection. On a pre purchase house inspection, many different areas will be evaluated, from the foundation to the roof. Even things like the electrical work and plumbing will be examined. As the saying goes, no stone will be left unturned. At the end of the inspection, you can meet with Peter on-site. Any major issues that manifested during the house inspection will be brought to your attention at this point. This gives you the opportunity to see the concerns for yourself and to ask any questions that you might have. Upon completion of the inspection, you will also receive a full computer-generated report, colour coded for easy reading. This report will contain all the specific details recorded during the visit.

Years of experience and a guaranteed FAST response

Armed with such a pre purchase inspection report, Happy Valley home buyers can sleep easy knowing exactly what they're committing their money to. Protect your investment in your future and your new home. No one wants to wake up one morning to discover the roof of their new home leaks when it rains! Without an inspection, you risk getting stuck with major repair bills when you least expect them. Don't let it come to that. Enlist the help of BUY SAFE Building Inspections, and we'll make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase! If you're ready to book with us, give us a ring now on 08 8388 7462! Our fast response time of 48 hours guarantees you'll be hearing from us soon.

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