Building Inspections

New home inspection
  • Comprehensive photographic written report
  • We check for movement
  • We check your drainage
  • We give advice to maintain your house

Adelaide's experts in conducting Building inspections

If you're buying a new home in Adelaide, Buy Safe Building Inspections Adelaide has over thirty years' experience in the building industry and can undertake your Building inspection and provide you with a thorough and comprehensive report to help you make an informed purchase.

Why do a Building inspection?

A Buildinge inspection is an important step in the home buying process that tells you about the condition of the property. An inspection can reveal underling problems, and can save you time and money in the long run. You could even use this information to negotiate the sale price of the property!

At Buy Safe Building Inspections Adelaide, after carrying out the building inspection, we provide you with a detailed, 500-point written report which is accurate, easy to understand, honest and thorough.  Our Building inspections comply with the Australian Standards AS 4349 for property inspections of residential buildings and includes details such as:

  • structural assessments
  • internal and external walls and floors
  • windows and doors
  • roofs, gutters and drainage
  • electrical, plumbing and hot water services
  • sewage
  • cracks
  • defects
  • leaks
  • moisture
  • salt damp
  • asbestos
Pre purchse Inspection

Before receiving the written report, we can meet you at the site to give you a verbal report after the inspection.  This way you can see any major structural problems for yourself and you will have the opportunity to ask our expert inspector any questions you may have. 

We can also offer advice and solutions as well as give repair and maintenance cost estimates.  If you're not available for a face to face meeting, we can send you photos and discuss the situation with you over the phone.

So before you buy a property, contact the experts at Buy Safe Building Inspections Adelaide on (08) 8388 7462 to find out more about how we can help you make an informed purchase.

Adelaide Building inspections
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